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From Bruised Fell tells the riveting, unforgettable story of two sisters, caught in the eye of their mother's mental illness. Narrated by the old sister Missy over a ten-year period, the novel chronicles the girls' lives - lives overshadowed by loss and emotional annihilation.

With lyricism and emotional truth, From Bruised Fell explores our capacity to live with and beyond a troubled past, and the dire necessity of telling its story.


Canadian writer Jane Finlay-Young's first novel, From Bruised Fell, like much of the best of modern literature, reads as if it were written in a poetic trance... If Finlay-Young...can find characters and stories as compelling as those she describes with such grace in this book, she will become a writer to watch."
- The Globe and Mail

From Bruised Fell was Editor's Choice in The Globe and Mail March 11/00.

"It leaves the reader with the satisfying feeling that any good novel imparts - the feeling of an important human experience faithfully rendered." - The Toronto Star

"To convincingly convey all this is quite the task with an adult narrating the story, but to do so through the eyes of a child is a haywire act, which Toronto writer Jane Finlay-Young masterfully pulls off in her mesmerizing first novel From Bruised Fell. Missy's narration is note perfect, emotionally and psychologically credible in voice, level of understanding and perspective."
- Hamilton Spectator

"From its opening pages, it is clear From Bruised Fell, though a work of art, will not be a comfortable read... (it is) a haunting and cautionary tale and because it's Finlay-Young's first novel, promises much compelling reading for the future."
- Edmonton Journal

"From Bruised Fell is beautifully written, minutely observed, and a distillation of the uncanny insight of childhood."
- The Courier, Vancouver

"The story it tells in inherently dramatic, and it is told with a single-minded focus and tone that are not common in first-time writers."
- Bronwyn Drainie (

"This is primarily a literary novel, and a skilled one. . . The author's control over her imagery . . .is impressive and her characterization uncannily convincing. Finlay-Young has important things to say about the conundrum of family and the mysterious chambers of the human heart."
- Quill and Quire

"In this stunning debut Finlay-Young presents a crumbling world through the eyes of a young girl."
- The Coast, Halifax

Four weeks on Toronto's NOW Magazine's Alt Best Seller list.

"From Bruised Fell questions the very nature of families, how and why women mother, and whether some women should become mothers at all."
- Eye Magazine

"From Bruised Fell is a powerful, horrifying indictment of the harm parents can inflict on their children, often with the best of intentions."
- The Ottawa Citizen

"Finlay-Young's novel is a quiet tide that draws you in and drowns you with the soft language of Missy's youth."
- The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal

". . .the careful, polished moments carved by the child who narrates Jane Finlay-Young's ravishing debut novel, From Bruised Fell."
- Atlantic Books Today

"Filled with grief and betrayal this is powerful book that will take you back to your childhood years - no matter how happy - and those raw unspoken emotions we used to know so well."
- The Daily News, Halifax

"Finlay-Young. . .takes the risk of entrusting the story to a ten-year-old narrator, a risk that pays off. From Bruised Fell succeeds because of Missy's voice and her wrenching account of a child's fears and desire for ‘normalcy'."
- Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review

"This is an extremely intense and emotional book. It is beautifully written with sharp and shining details. The style is spare and haunting. I highly recommend it."
- The Constant Reader, USA

Now you can purchase From Bruised Fell directly from the author...

just contact Jane at: