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Jane is currently working on a memoir about her conversion to Orthodox Judaism. Entitled, Certain, it is an intimate look at a young woman's search for identity, community and certainty within the world of a fundamental religion.

Jane's non-fiction essay Belly Button will be published in Spring 2012 in an anthology entitled, Side Effects. Published by Brindle and Glass, the anthology is a collection of essays about mental illness.

In September of 2007 Watermelon Syrup was published by WLU Press. Watermelon Syrup , a novel, was written by novelist and poet, Annie Jacobsen. Annie died in May 2005. She finished the third draft of her novel two weeks before she died and asked Jane to act on her behalf should it ever be accepted for publication. Once the novel was accepted by WLU Press Jane took it through two further drafts in preparation for publication. Wilfrid Laurier Press - Purchase Watermelon Syrup

Jane's non-fiction piece, Ten Million Atoms Fit on the Head of a Pin, will be published in the anthology First Man in My Life: Daughters Write About Their Fathers. Published by Penguin (May 2007).

From Bruised Fell is on the Nova Scotia High School Authorized Learning Resources list and can now be officially taught in the high schools.

Jane's first novel, From Bruised Fell (Penguin 2000), has been optioned by the film production company Sienna (New Waterford Girl, Touch of Pink, How She Move).

From Bruised Fell is on the Grade Ten distance learning curriculum in Ontario.

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